Hello, Fedex Ground? Have you heard of the internet?

I actually received a postcard in the mail from FedEx Ground asking me for directions to my house so they could deliver a package.

To be fair, I think perhaps the fact that the bridge on my road is closed so they have to come up another road could pose some confusion to a driver new to our area (if that’s the case), but you’d think they might be able to figure that out.

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3 thoughts on “Hello, Fedex Ground? Have you heard of the internet?

  1. UPS and regular FedEx are on our road every day. DHL and FedEx Ground are here frequently. I just got a call from the local country store (SIX miles away) that he dropped the package off there. Totally lame and pretty dumb, if you ask me. Maybe there’s a really good reason though, so I"ll try TRY not to be too judgmental.

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