Indigo and Morts and hiding the goo behind OO like code

Oh how I hate saying I’m a Mort, but by John Cavnar-Johnson’s definition, I am I am. The reason I don’t like aligning myself with Mort is because by definition, Mort has no desire to know what’s going on under the covers. I remember when Sam Gentile showed us Indigo samples at VTdotNET, after I had just seen lots of cool contract first stuff at TechEd, I was disappointed to see it looked no different than writing a web services today in VS2003. But I guess that’s Microsoft’s point of making Indigo accessible. But in doing that, is Microsoft crazy gluing these training wheels on?

Maybe there is another place for people like John and me. Somewhere in between the rose colored glasses of the RPC facade and the Tim Ewald school of hand coding angle brackets.

I still have a LOT to learn about Indigo and am really looking forward to digging into it. I also look forward to reading what I hope to become a very interesting and educational discussion (both sides of it) continuing on John’s blog and elsewhere.

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