LINQ to SQL in Web Apps at VTdotNET on Monday

I’ll be doing a talk on Building Web Apps using LINQ to SQL at VTdotNET on Monday.

I have seen Scott Guthrie do a session on this topic a few times and got so excited I wanted to dig in more and show it off as well. Scott has probably done this talk at least 20 times over the past year, has posted his PPT and demos, writes about it and even has a a recent video webcast on the topic.

He’s a REALLY hard act to follow, but I have tried to stay away from his session as I build my own so that I’m not just trying to do his talk. One of the interesting things about LINQ is that although you can easily group it into things like straight queries, joins, filtering, shaped data, paging and insert/update/deletes and then “advanced :-)”, there are a LOT of ways to do queries. Just like there are a lot of ways to construct a query in any other query language. So in the 90 minutes I have to do my session, I will be giving some specific examples, but more importantly, trying to open up people’s eyes to the power and flexibility of using LINQ to SQL. Then I’ll point them to the 101+ samples as well as the more advanced stuff that people like Fabrice are doing.

I keep worrying that people will say “why do I need to bother coming to your session on this topic when I can just watch THE MASTER do it.” Ummm, free pizza?

But, I trudge on…

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