Loren Heiny and his iPhone

Loren is a long time TabletPC guru and developer. He has also been very involved with teh UMPCs. So it was only natural that he wanted to check out an iPhone. He blogged while he stood in line and has written his first impressions, from testing out the touch screen in a bouncy car, how it looks in the sunlight, how the touchscreen works in general,  to wishing there was an open SDK that he could develop against.

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One thought on “Loren Heiny and his iPhone

  1. After a couple days of use, I still like the iPhone. My favorite part? Browsing the web on the go or just sitting around the house. The phones I’ve owned up to this point were too clumsy at it. The iPhone gets closest to making on-the-go browsing enjoyable. In particular, I like the way the device supports touch within the browser. Pretty well done. In fact, I wish UMPCs and IE worked more like this. They’re close, but not the same.

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