mee oof too

Sorry, still laughing about Scott Guthrie’s OOF TLA PPS post from yesterday. It’s about midnight. I have to get up at 4am. But of course, that requires going to bed first. I’m off to Las Vegas for ASPConnections although I’m going a little early as Kathleen Dollard and I are going to drive out to Zion National Park for a few days. Hopefully we’ll get back in time for the big Dot Net Rocks party on Saturday night.. It’s supposed to snow here tomorrow!

In case I haven’t mentioned it yet (ha ha) I’m doing 3 talks. Web Service Security for Dummies with WSE2.0 (which will be a nice precursor to Michele Leroux Bustamante’s Advanced WSE2 talk), What’s new in the .NET 2.0 Base Class Libraries for ASP.NET Developers and Developing Ink Enabled ASP.NET Applications. There will also be a TechEd Cabana like hangout which I’m looking forward to. But mostly looking forward to geeking out for days on end with lots of friends (old and new). Awww shucks.

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