New Twist on an old Dream – the conference nightmare

Everyone has them – the performance anxiety dream. You know, the one where you are back in college or high school and walk into a class to find there is a test or pop quiz. Then suddenly you realize that you have somehow managed to not have attended any of the classes all semester and are totally unprepared. This dream has shifted for me recently because of my nasty habit of presenting at conferences. I have had the new version of the dream more than once and had one yet again last night. This time it was my Indigo talk at TechEd South Africa. I was up on the stage with one minute before I had to start. My computer wasn’t even started up. Then suddenly I realize, though I have my deck prepared and written all of my demos,  I have never once practiced them. I will be doing it totally cold. (Worse yet for this conference – the talks are only 45 minutes to allow 15 minutes for Q&A.) And Don Box is in the audience. Egad! I’m sure I’ll be using that many many many hours of travel to go over it about a thousand more times. And that’s only one of three, no really 5 (including an Atlas and an Indigo demo at the Futures panel), that I’ll be doing. I’ll be the crazy person talking gibberish up in the front of the plane.

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