Oops, I guess that’ll be scrambled eggs

I have two talks to do today – one for ASP Connections and one for Mobile Connections. Therefore, this morning I decided to treat myself to room service breakfast. I learned years ago from Kate Gregory to have a good breakfast and protein when you are speaking. Kate is one of the best presenters I have ever seen (and usually one of the highest rated at conferences) so I pay close attention to her advice! Rather than stuff myself with the yummy bagels and breads they have for us in the speaker room, I ordered eggs benedict. Yummmy. At about the right time, I could hear the room service cart bouncing down the hallway. The hallway is long with stretches of carpet followed by a stretch of marble. So every time it went from carpet to marble from mrable to carpet, it would rattle. I could hear him approach my room and went and opened the door and there was the poor guy kneeling on the floor next to the metal box that is used to keep the food warm. The box had fallen off the cart as he bounced off the carpet on to the marble in front of my room. Eggs all over. The guy really felt bad, but I assured him it was not a problem and after he poured me a cup of coffee, headed downstairs to get me another plate of breakfast. In the meantime, I have sun streaming into my room and can look out at the beautiful range of mountains past the airport.

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2 thoughts on “Oops, I guess that’ll be scrambled eggs

  1. Julie, after reading this I half expected an accompanying photo – of the mountains, not the eggs all over the floor (although that would have a certain quirky appeal as well).:-)

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