Playboy and Penthouse?

Rob Windsor sent me the transcript from the chat room during the DotNetRocks show last night. I had a great laugh at the reaction from these guys when I started talking about the fact that I worked at Penthouse (hey, and OMNI, okay?) Magazine during the mid-80’s and then Playboy a few years later. Not like working with models or anything. Just doing computer stuff of course. But I did get to travel all around the country because of a little program I wrote for Playboy’s advertisers to do some whiz bang analysis. One of those trips out to L.A.(where I got to go the VERY cool Chiat/Day in Venice, CA who was really breaking the mold with their Mac ads) coincided with a Playmate of the Year party. So I actually got to go to Hef’s mansion for the party. And of course I worked in an office environment where it was totally acceptable for the guys to have posters and calendars of naked girls in their offices and cubicles. I somehow managed to justify it all. I had a great job, got to travel a lot and was getting paid pretty well at about 27 or 28 and lived what seemed like the high life. It was the 80’s in NYC. Right after Warhol had died so things had started changing, the club scene was evolving, Reagan was president. We transitioned from the larger than life Ed Koch who seemed to represent what NY was all about to David Dinkins. Ahhh I begin to wax poetic. Back to work.

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