Programming in VBA – kinda like typing with your fists

Okay, bad analogy… I admit it. But it’s early and I’ve only had one cupajoe.

I was helping someone out with some VBA code in their Access 2003 database. (It was not a situation where moving to VSTO was an option, in case you were about to suggest that.) I was just helping them get something working. It’s really painful coding in VBA after years of .NET, not only the IDE experience, but going backwards with things like instantiating a variable (which you have to do separately from code to give it a variable). There are things I know how to solve, but the way I would go about it (the .NET way) isn’t an option and I have to find alternate routes. But, heck, it was a rainy weekend, and I hammered through it and put a big smile on the faces of these guys. 🙂

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One thought on “Programming in VBA – kinda like typing with your fists

  1. Yeah, it’s no fun going back to VBA after coding in .Net.At least for me I’ve kept both feet (somewhat reluctantly) in both worlds.But, as we discovered, VSTO isn’t an option for us Access programmers anyway, just the Word and Excel folks – but we can keep hoping!

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