SAMS/QUE, DevDays, TechEd and my friend Amy

Amy Sorokas has been somewhat of a muse for me.

When I started Vermont.NET two years ago, I emailed SAMS to see if I could get some books for the user group. I got an email back from Amy Sorokas saying – “hey, have you heard of INETA?”. I hadn’t. (If you know me, you know that I am extremely involved with INETA to this day.)

When I started learning a thing or two about .NET I sent a few ideas to DotNetJunkies. There was Amy Sorokas again, helping out with the articles and authors who were writing for the site. It took me a while to figure out where I knew the name from and one day I wrote to her and said “Oh, I know – you’re from SAMS!”

I finally met Amy in the flesh this past summer at TechEd in Dallas. I don’t know why I hadn’t expected a cute, hip young woman to have been the same person who had been my muse.

Amy has a weblog now on GeekswithBlogs, even though I dare say, she’s not really very geeky.

Amy does write about what she is doing at SAMS. Over these past two years, I have gotten the impression that this is way more than “just a job” to her. She really loves what she does, she is very proud of her company and even more proud to be involved in a process which enables so many bright folks to publish many of the books that we depend on to learn the tools of our trade. And when SAMS was moving offices this summer, I kept getting these big boxes full of books (and some pens and cups). She was cleaning out her office and VTdotNET was the beneficiary!

Amy just wrote that not only will SAMS be supporting DevDays 2004 , but they will be a Bronze Sponsor of TechEd. This is a big deal for a relatively small company. I think it’s great. Yeah Amy!

That’s my story about Amy Sorokas.

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