So many April Fools jokes

I guess they got a little tiresome only because there were so many but it was fun how many people put together some really creative April Fool’s jokes. Also it made it hard to post anything that was serious because who would believe it?

The best was Matt Hawley who has been blogging about his move to go work for Microsoft over the past few weeks. Yesterday he blogged – haha that was all an April Fool’s joke, which kind of made any one reading those posts scratch their heads, wondering – what the heck is funny about that? It turned outo that the joke WAS on us, because he really is going to Microsoft. Good one, Matt.

My posting about the VB keywords The and A, was actually a group effort by a bunch of VB people: myself, Kathleen Dollard, Rocky Lhotka, Jackie Goldstein and Billy Hollis. Obviously a spoof. But I thought everyone’s contributions were pretty clever and funny. Hardly anyone memed it though, oh well.

The funny thing about that post was that it was so obviously a joke, however my own comments made people think that I didn’t get it was a joke! As if I found the press release somewhere else and was upset about it. Ha ha. So I did get you! Nah nah nah. And the other funny thing that happened, was that Kathleen and I (who love each other, really, we do!) had a little unplanned cat fight on our blogs. So in case that worried anyone, no need – we were giggling about it. She’s not off her rocker. But she did get some good digs in on me, didn’t she. Hmmmmmm….

Anyway, it was fun to do. I have been planning that since the MVP summit last  year.

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