SPOT watches hit Vermont??

Seven Days is our local weekly very hip, a little lefty, Village-Voicey, Indie newspaper. It has a huge readership and is where I have been digging most of the recent job openings from.

I was a little surprised to see the cover this week. The issue is dedicated to gearing up for the outdoors, with spring here and all , this being Vermont and all.

Prominently featured in the cover art was an image that looks to me wholly inspired by a SPOT watch!

Peter Rysavy (TabulaPC and Spotlight on SPOT) assures me however that this looks nothing like a real SPOT Watch, but, it was good enough for me!

Though I have linked to the SevenDays site, I know that the image will be gone in a week so with deference to cover artist Stefan Bumbeck, who I believe is also a bicycling (road & mountain?) racer in our area, here is that image and a detail that I scanned (sideways).


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