TechEd US Sessions ONLINE!

ahh – awesome. time to catch up on all the sessions I missed!! (Well maybe not at the moment, but nice to know they are there when I have the cycles.)

The TechEd US Sessions are now online on the TechEd attendee site. (Requires attended logins). (Thanks for the pointer, Varad.) If you were not an attendee, the DVD is only $195. That’s incredibly cheap. It looks like it’s the same price for attendees and non-attendees. Also there are 12 sessions online as webcasts for any and all to see. You can get at this stuff from the TechEd US home page.

If you are going through withdrawal, TechEd Europe is just starting and there are lots of folks blogging about it! Not sure if TechedBloggers.Net is going to pick it up (nothing there yet) but the only group blog I can find is at

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