The latest Hullabaloo

I have in the past stood in front of a room filled with mensa society big brain programmers and thinkers who had been laid off from IBM who wanted to learn how to have their own successful consulting practices like li’l ol me. I was forced to tell them that some of them just aren’t going to have the people skills necessary to start their own consulting businesses and should find a partner with those skills. Well, I didn’t put it quite that way. Maybe it was more explaining what skills are necessary and saying “ask yourself if you think you could pull this off, if you think it would be enjoyable.“

I suppose this concept needs to be transferred to who should and should not be able to blog on behalf of their companies, especially when an enormous amount of weight is going to be put on every one of their words.

I’m just taking a wild guess here since I have never met the hullabaloo-ee, who could very well be one of the most personable people on the planet. Chris Sells is a good example of a pretty well rounded (slimmed down, of course) mensa brainy guy.

It just made me think of those poor few mensa-ites that really didn’t happen to have those skills.

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