The rewards of running a user group

I received this email from Rich Peliel, one of the members of Vermont.NET after Tim Huckaby’s presentation on Monday night.

Julie, thanks for bringing Tim to our meeting. His code demo was exactly what I needed to  get my report for my manager. This saved me so much time and from so many headaches.

This is a guy who is trying to teach himself ASP.NET in his free time so that he can do more interesting tasks in his job.

I remember sitting in a FoxPro meeting many [many] years ago with the wonderful Mac Rubel speaking. He did something in passing that I had never seen before and I said “wait, stop, what did you just do?“  I always remember him referring to that as an “oh“ moment. You never know what, in a technical talk, will trigger that.

So getting this email from Rich really made my day. It is the kind of message that makes me always remember why I love running a user group.

This kind of stuff happens at every meeting, even though this one was a little special since Tim is a little special 🙂 and since he came all the way from California as an INETA Speaker. Tim also received a copy of this email and replied that he’s be happy to come to speak at Vermont.NET every year for the rest of his life if we’d have him… Thanks Tim. It’s documented now!

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