The usual chaos – where’s that caffeine

So I have to leave tomorrow for about a week. Another non-vacation trip but stealing at least the weekend and bringing Rich so I will make the most of it. I had the usual million emergencies (including 3 hours out with an unbootable computer yesterday) that have left me scrambling and feeling completely unprepared to leave. Looks like an all nighter. Rich finally gave up at 8:30 (now) on the possibility of my making dinner tonight. Looks like it’s gonna be mac & cheese. Well, I can give all of my lovely organic produce to the housesitter while we are gone. I’m predicting yet another “10 minute packing job” to get a week’s worth of clothes together sometime within the last half hour before we leave for the airport.

Since I don’t dare leave my computers on while I’m gone (so many storms here), I have to make sure my laptop is 100% independent and prepared for any emergency- even a rebuild of a humongous, 3rd party control laden VB6 app.

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