How on earth I am going to be ready to leave for Orlando on Saturday afternoon, I have NO clue! I am having the usual pre-going-away-for-a-week-to-a-huge-conference jitters. My clients are suddenly having crises left and right. The sun and warm weather has finally arrived in Vermont. I can see the flowers coming up in my lupin field. I still haven’t gotten the rest of the seedlings into the veggie garden. I’m always worried about my darling old dogs not being here when I come back and Rich is stocking up on Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

I know from past experience when I get to TechEd, I will be stepping out of my life for a week into a different one.You really leave everything behind and get immersed in the whole environment. Trying to get to see some sessions, but ending up talking with a million fun and interesting people. Wandering the expo hall is a blast, not for swag, but to visit with so many people you don’t get to see enough. Just imagine being stuck in a huge building with over 10,000 people who all have the same passions as you do for week. People who understand you and don’t think you’re a dork because you think computers are *it*. People who understand the insane life you lead and how hard it is to walk away from that code even when everybody’s begging for dinner. Just one more line, I know this is gonna do it….

Yep, the last days before I go, I just dread, I’m all stressed out, I don’t want to leave home. But once I’m there, I have just a majorly grand time.

Yep, I’ll be there!


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