Tonight isXML Night in Vermont!

What a great way to follow up to my night of sushi with the XML MVPs and some of the XML luminaries  – it is XML night at Vermont .NET tonight!

We have Microsoft Community Champion Joe Stagner coming to talk about securing your XML and also a walk through of XMLSpy by Altova‘s Trace Galloway. We have all been looking forward to this for a while.

I was thinking about something very funny about that dinner. Sam Gentile was way on the other side of the room but I found out that as different as we are, we have one really icchy thing in common. We both love to eat Uni. It is really gross but so yummy and fun to gross everyone out, too. I don’t’ stop with the Uni though. I gotta have a quail egg on it. Eeeeeeeeew! (evil laugh) Holy crap! I just googled Uni to find y’all a link and just read a much too detailed description and will probably NEVER EAT IT AGAIN. aieeeeeeee…….

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