Visual Studio 2005 on Ebay

There are a bunch of MSDN Launch event VS2005/SQL Server 2005 “kits” for sale on ebay. I think because these are NFR’s, some people are selling them as “bonus”. Like “Backpack + FREE visual studio 2005” or “mini flash light with FREE visual studio 2005”.

Funny that bidding starts at something like $10. I guess the market is flooded with these.

We gave away 5 of the launch kits last  night at the Vermont.NET launch event. But knowing who got them, I do not expect to see any of them for sale on Ebay!

It would kill me to see things that I raffled off at Vermont.NET on ebay – books, software, etc. I would hope that someone who wants or needs these things wins them or could just say “hey I don’t need it, draw another raffle ticket”.

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