VS 2005+ .NET 1.1 + Tablet PC SDK1.7 = ??

So it is time I MUST install the Tablet PC SDK1.7 somewhere. I cannot put it on my development machine as I have production work with SDK1.5 there. I can’t put it on my tablet because that tiny little Acer C110 is just NOT something I want to do development on. I don’t have enough mmmph on my main desktop machine or my laptop for VPC. My laptop has Whidbey latest on it which forced me to uninstall all previous versions of .NET (VS 2002/2003, .NET 1.0/1.1). But the laptop is the only conceivable box I have to install this on (which requires .NET 1.1) that I can try to experiment on.

Or not…maybe I’ll just try it on the Acer (which also has XPSP2 on it already)…oh decisions desicions. For my current tablet apps, I have done all of my development and most of the testing on a regular desktop and then just deployed to a tablet for the true inking tests. That’s what I would prefer to do in this case also. Well, check back in tomorrow and see what happened….

Maybe I should install XPSP2 on my laptop anyway. That should be okay by now with Whidbey.Oh, to have 10 machines (or one powerful enough to run VPC) or extra hard drives…wait. I HAVE an extra harddrive come to think of it. I have a 40Gig drive sitting right here in this machine. Unattached. Maybe, just maybe…

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