VSExpress Developers?…VSExpress MVPs?…VSExpress User Groups?

I was thinking about the void between the .net mvps and the other MS technology mvps at the mvp summit in April and wondering if there is going to be a similar community gap between vs express developers and ummm … what will we be called … “real”?… developers. I imagine there will be many people who just stop with the express products rather than using them as a stepping stone to .NET development. Will they be embraced in our community or treated like 2nd class citizens? Hey, does that mean VB developers will finally have someone to pick on now*?

Seriously. I really was wondering about this as I was considering Avonelle’s post on trying to understand the VS2005 Express products in relation to VS2005. This probably means it’s time to go to sleep.

*kidding…I’m KIDDING!

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