What kind of developer am I?

I have called myself, very specifically, a “.NET developer” for a few years and not a “VB developer”. Why? Because I  program to the CLR using the VB language. I think that I may use one or two things from the Visual Basic namespace. Heck, I even use the ol’ Int32 and System.Environment.NewLine just so that I know I can translate my code or skills to C# if and when the need arises.

WHat happens after Microsoft takes away the word (or whatever you call this moniker) “.NET” from our tools? What do I call myself then? I’ve already gone from being a “.NET MVP” to a “VB MVP” since they shifted the buckets for MVPs and that’s the best one for me of the options. They all seem too separate. If I was an ASP.NET MVP then does that ignore all of my work doing WindowsForms? As a VB MVP, you wouldn’t know that I actually program in .NET …since this also incorporates VB6 developers who may not have made the shift.

I like being a “.NET developer”. It speaks to the *many* areas of .NET that I work in.

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