What’s with this women over 40 gaming study?

I have seen mention of it in a few places. Here is the article on msnbc. Having been involved in market research in a past life, first thing I looked for was how many people were in the study: 3600. Decent number. But still, as a woman over 40 (barely, mind you… :-)) I just find this so incredibly hard to believe. I have a lot of women friends my age (early 40’s) and couldn’t imagine any of them doing it. In fact,I bet if I did my own poll of women in say the 38-45 bracket (seem to have a lot of friends in there), I bet I would come up with a big fat zero for on-line gaming.

Here is AOL’s more detailed press release.

The only thing I cna think of is that Match.com is considered online gaming. But that wouldn’t account for teh part of the study that talks about how women made friendships with each other.

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