When VB and C# collide…

I just accidentally wrote a line of code that looked like this:

private boolean MyMethod(byval x as someobject)

Yes I was going for VB, but I’ve been doing a bunch of C# coding lately. At least I didn’t hit the semi colon, too! 🙂

The funny part is I although C# doesn’t come very naturally to me, there are definitely some syntax things I love. Though I still have a really hard time getting my brain to grok code like Kate writes (though that’s pure C++…)

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3 thoughts on “When VB and C# collide…

  1. Since I made that my display picture, no fewer than ten people have started conversations with me like this "gosh, you must be having a tough day, why all the swearing?". But it’s true, there are no non-C++ operators in that string.

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