Wierd dream about presenting

Last night I dreamt that I was giving a presentation to people involved in the medical field for something in Visual Studio. Somehow, 45 minutes into the presentation, I still hadn’t gotten started yet. I had forgotten my remote clicker, there were all kinds of technical problems. I walked out of the room and out of the building. but then turned around and came back. Finally, I really started doing my presenation and then my “ghost” program showed up as I had inadvertantly clicked on the icon to start the application. But it wasn’t really like Symantec Ghost. It was a program that displayed transparent images over the desktop that looked like ghosts. I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off, but the attendees wanted me to which took more time. After that, I started up again, but then my computer rebooted itself and there was a message written in ink on the screen that was some kind of “ha ha I just reformatted your drive and installed WindowsXP but nothing else”. So my presentation was gone. Powerpoint was gone. Visual Studio was gone. I didn’t’ have my thumbdrive with my samples on it. I didn’t have a spare hard drive with all of my applications on it. Plus I had two more presenations to do after this one and only like 5 minute breaks in between. So, not only was this presentation a wash, there was no way I would be able to do the others.

Somehow I was back home and whatever virus had created that problem was also on my main development machine and when I restarted the computer, it triggered the same event, wiping out my hard drive. And of course I hadn’t backed up in a week or so.

My husband has nightmares about zombies and things like that. This is my version of a nightmare.

Maybe I should look at this dream and say “well, at least things didn’t go that badly at ASPConnections!” Or maybe I should go take the shrink wrap off of the Ghost application I bought last week and set it up to control my backups on to my external 200GB drive. Maybe I should even get another drive. Maybe I should just pack it in and go pursue an alternate career.

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