Can’t take the Katrina dog stories

Why is it that with thousands of people dead and immeasurable suffering, it’s the dog stories that I can’t stomach, I won’t watch, I can’t read. Damn you CNN for putting it front and center on the home page.

I have seen images of floating bloated human bodies. But they become “bodies” – somehow there’s a disconnect. We know there are still people undiscovered in their homes hoping and waiting – no food, no water, run out of their meds. But it’s hearing about people euthanizing their dogs and that the larger dogs are fighting the gas (I have big dogs), seeing the dogs on the rooftops being left behind (not by choice, not by anybody’s real choice), hearing them suddenly being referred to as stray dogs and something to fear, knowing that eventually the answer to “wild roaming packs of dogs” will be to shoot them. This I can’t bear. Why? Why is that more powerful?

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