Juggling various conference topics

A few weeks ago as I prepared for the weekend Code Camp IV in Waltham, I was going back and forth finalizing my four presentations, three of which were on topics that couldn’t be farther from each other. Two talks were related to Web Services: WS Security Fundamentals and Overview of WSE 3.0. A third talk was on data access and the last was on adding TabletPC inking capabilites to the online Virtual Earth mapping application. My brain was everywhere.

I am feeling the same today as I am working on my three talks for TechEd South Africa. Two are somewhat related but still very different: Overview of WSE 3 and Introducing Indigo/WCF. The third is a data access talk on ADO.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 Integration. But of course this as much fun as watching t.v. while constantly clicking on the remote to change channels. Very natural.

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