Mucking with session powerpoints before a conference

With most conferences,speakers need to submit their powerpoints way in advace of the conferences. Attendees are provided with books filled with the printouts of the decks so that they can take notes during the conference. It is not uncommon with a new talk to fine tune it between that early preparation and the actual time you your presentation.

Though this has only happened once, it struck me (and stuck in my brain) when an attendee wrote on an eval that it was a pain that the slides in my talk were different than the book.

So this time around,rather than hoping that I’m going to remember in the middle of a talk and say “oh, I changed this slide a little (for your benefit)” I am just putting tiny little notes on the bottom of modified slides: “This slide is slightly modified from the original printed version”.

Hopefully that will mean one less negative comment this time around! 🙂

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