My Current Pluralsight Courses on Entity Framework

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Course Released Hrs:Min
Entity Framework 4.0 By Example Aug 2010 2:19
Entity Framework and Data Models Nov 2010 1:32
Designer Supported EDM Customization Jan 2011 2:05
Querying the Entity Framework Feb 2011 1:23
Entity Framework 4.1 – Code First Jun 2011 1:59
Entity Framework 4.1 – DbContext Sep 2011 1:21
Data Layer Validation with EF 4.1+ Feb 2012 1:54
Entity Framework Code First Migrations  Mar 2012 1:10
Getting Started with Entity Framework 5 Mar 2013 4:23
Entity Framework in the Enterprise  Sep 2012 3:16


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One thought on “My Current Pluralsight Courses on Entity Framework

  1. Would like to try your course on Pluralsight… need a free trial…


    BTW, to use SProc, we have to use Database first?

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