Off to Sweden!

Spring has arrived in Vermont, but I’m leaving.

This afternoon I start my overnight journey to Stockholm where I will be participating in the Developer Summit 08 and have been working with Patrik Lowendahl and Mats Rydin who are coordinating. Patrik’s company, Cornerstone is instrumental in this conference and everyone there has been wonderful in helping get me prepared.

I’m really looking forward to it. Stockholm is an incredibily beautiful city with lots of history and I’ve never been there before. Plus there’s a great line up of speakers some who are friends that I always look forward to hanging out with and others who I am looking forward to finally meeting! And David Chappell, who is coming by way of Eilat Israel (a 2 day trip) from TechEd, is giving the keynote!

When I have asked anyone if they want me to bring anything back for them, they all have said "oh, yes, a beautiful Swede!" Well at least my single friends have made that request.

Swedish is not among the languages I ahve ever studied so I was happy to find some really useful lessons on Survival I downloaded a bunch to my iPod to listen to again if I need them. They don’t just say how to say a phrase but when it’s appropriate as well as providing other background.

I still needed to see what these words look like so a simple list like Basic Swedish Phrases provides good backup. This won’t enable me to give my presentatino in Swedish, but at least I can be polite when I have to find the toaletten.

I’ll be doing an Advanced EF Session, a talk on Silverlight Annotation and on Friday a full day workshop on Entity Framework including some Hands on Labs. It should be a blast.

And even with my dreadful lschedule right now, I’d be a fool not to at least poke around Stockholm so I am flying home on Sunday (6am flight -uggh) and will have Saturday off to be a tourist.

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One thought on “Off to Sweden!

  1. Julie,Have a great trip! And don’t worry about learning Swedish phrases. Everyone in Sweden speaks English.I’ve spent a lot of time in the west (Helsingborg) and south (Trelleborg) of Sweden in another avatar, but not much in Stockholm. It’s a beautiful country with wonderful inhabitants.–rj

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