Presentations & Sample Code for my New England Code Camp Talks

I have posted the slides and demos for two of my three NECC14 talks that I did yesterday (Oct 2nd) on the downloads page of my book’s website at

You’ll find the demos for Persistence Ignorant Entity Framework 4 and n-Tier ASP.NET Web Forms Apps with Entity Framework. Look in the conference section.

The slides are on SlideShare (

I did a third talk (Unit Testing for ‘Fraidy Cats Like Me” but it did not have a powerpoint and is not a talk that generated demos.

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2 thoughts on “Presentations & Sample Code for my New England Code Camp Talks

  1. Hi,

    First I want thanks you for your excellent job.

    I have your book, but I prefer thousand times view screencast / webcast to see things work, and how to implement them in real application.

    I saw some of your webcasts and your explanation is very very clear and good.

    I want to know if you have more webcast on the web.



  2. @geula

    Thanks. 🙂

    If you look on, you’ll be able to find links to webcasts and videos that I’ve done.

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