Still under my rock

There’s something about a conference that inadvertantly makes me go dark.

I did 4 sessions and a workshop at DevConnections last week.

In the weeks leading up to to this, I was heads down finalizing my presentations. That includes mucking with the PowerPoint’s and fine-tuning demos and stuffing as much into my brain about the various technologies as I can.

While I was at the conference I spent a lot of my time in my room continuing on this path. The speaker room is a bad place for me to work – too many people I want to talk to! 🙂  I did get to attend a number of Entity Framework and Astoria sessions on Tuesday, but that’s all that I saw in the entire show.

Because I had disparate topics (tablet pc, silverlight, entity framework and LINQ), I needed to really clear my head of the previous topic and wrap my head around the next one.

During this time I did check emails, but I didn’t check my office voice mail, I didn’t do any client work and I managed to write only one blog post. I even got to go out to dinner one night, but most of the rest were working in my room.

(I’m not complaining, by the way, just sharing what it’s like…)

At the end of the week, I went to Colorado for a few days to hang out with my sister & brother in law. I checked email but again, no work, no blogging.

Not only did I not blog, but I wasn’t reading blogs. I had missed the DevCOnnex keynotes and no idea that the VS2008 RTM date was finally announced, that live services came out of beta and more was going on.

I got home Monday afternoon, spent two hours at my house then got back in the car for the VTdotNET user group meeting (another blog I need to write). Since it was the birthday of our illustrious speaker, Russ Fustino, we went out and I got home at about 11:00pm.

Tuesday I finally got to do some client work for the first time in about 3 weeks! I have a huge list of things to do, but topping that list were a host of things one of my client’s has been patiently waiting for.

It still amazes me the impact that conference speaking has on my routine. I am hoping to get my head above water by the end of this week. I also am bummed that I haven’t had any exercise since before I headed to the conference. I had high hopes and brought my swimsuit, sneakers and other related clothes with me, but they never got touched!

So I have LOTS to blog about and so many people awaiting so many things from me. I will just be getting through it all one step at a time…


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