Three Ohio user groups this week

After I warm up by speaking at my local user group tonight (Vermont.NET) about Asynchronous ASP.NET 2.0, I am taking the proverbial show on the road and will be presenting this same session in Cleveland tomorrow night (9/12), then my session called “5 Supposedly Scary things about .NET” in Findlay on Wednesday (9/13) and I wrap up in Dayton on Thursday night (9/14) doing a talk that explains some of the security fundamentals that anyone getting ready to do any flavor of Web Services Security (WSE, WCF (aka Indigo), or even non-Microsoft platforms) should have under their belt. The last talk is all concept (eg: what the heck is a digital certificate, what is encryption, what is signing) and no code, but pretty powerful, especially for people who don’t know a lot about security and are daunted by all of these mysterious crypto tools.

I don’t think I have ever been to Ohio – except for driving through it on a road trip to Colorado nearly 10 years ago.

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2 thoughts on “Three Ohio user groups this week

  1. Hi Julia -What would it take to get you down here in Connecticut to present to our .NET developers group ( ?We aren’t rich here in CT so we can’t give you money..:-)SB

  2. Hi Julie!!And we loved ya here in Cleveland! Just getting to your website and poking around looking for code that I can put some sleep() in.. :)Hope the rest of your Ohio visits went well.regards,Bill

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