Acupuncture for my old doggie

I have a great vet and a dog who is suprisingly beyond the age of a typical newfoundland.

Tasha is 12 1/2 and still chases the neighbor’s cat (kinda of slowly though) but it’s a little tough for her to get up off the floor and climb the stairs, but boy does she want to so she does.

Today my vet finally suggested that Tasha is a great candidate for Acupuncture. He is a well known practioner  and though so far we have gone all allopathic/Western medicine with Tasha, I’m glad that we will get to delve into this area of his expertise! It’s the reason that I chose him as our vet – knowing that we’d have these options if they were necessary.

Poor Tasha. He said he can feel how swollen her back knees are with arthritis and that it’s not just difficult but painful for her to do those things (lifting herself up off the floor, climbing the stairs.) She’s been on awesome glucosomine related products for years (Cetyl-M) This will be the last resort of keeping her happy and healthy for as long as we can and I’m really looking forward to it. Becaues of my travel, we can’t get started until the end of June with the weekly sessios, but we have some other allopathic med for her in the meantime – which is like super duper aspirin.

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