Daisy, the amazing 11 year old Newfie – watch her run around

I have two beeyoooteeful wonderful Newfoundlands; my “little old ladies.” Surely you have seen many posts and photos of them by now.

Tasha I adopted (rescued, actually) when she was 2 1/2 years old and she will be 12 in December. She is in pretty good shape for her age. She can go on really long walks, can get up and down the stairs fairly well (though it’s harder work now) and can still run around a bit. There are really no signs ofl losing her any time soon – we are so incredibly lucky. Newfies generally live well until about 10 years old.

Daisy is a dog I adopted (well, maybe “stole” is more accurate) from my parents last summer. She will be 11 in January. But there is something amazing about this dog. Considering that their life span is more like 10 years old, this should be a pokey fat old dog by now. But she isn’t. With my new Canon Elph, I made a little video (pretty shaky and I’ll do another better one eventually) this morning showing off her bouncing around in excitement waiting for me to throw her bumper and then running off to get it. Daisy has the fluidity and strength of a young dog still. The video is 6 MB.

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