Dark Days Ahead

One of the problems with it getting dark early (besides that I still don’t get up until 7am) is that I have to walk the dogs way before 5pm which really breaks up my work flow. It’s 4:05 and already really dull out and looking like it’s going to be dark soon anyway. Poor doggies. Add to this the many feet of snow we will have on the ground in a month or so and not only does their day get shorter, but their world shrinks. They can’t get through the deep snow, so whatever paths we can create with the snowblower plow around the yard and then the road are basically all they have for walking all winter.

Even stomping out trails with our snowshoes doesn’t pack it down enough for them not to post hole through it, which hurst their little leggies. (I’m talking about one 10 year old and one 11 year old Newfoundland – so that’s really a big worry.)

Why can’t winter have gloroius snow only where you want it and still at least be sunny until 9pm? 🙂

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