Decisions Desicions (cell phones)

My 2 year contract was ending with Verizon. They have called me 3 times now to renew a contract and see if I’d like to pick a new phone – either free for heavily discounted. Each time they have called I have looked at the phones while on the phone with them and couldn’t make a quick and informed decision. I know I would like a camera phone with Blue Tooth. Their “free” phones don’t have blue tooth. I can get one with bluetooth for $100, but then I think – geeze, maybe I should just fork it over and get a BlackBerry or better yet, a smartphone, but they don’t have those in their promotion. I finally just said forget a new phone – just renew my contract. So now I continue with my plain old phone. I cannot justify $500 for a phone. I have a pocket pc and I have a phone. Yes I want to smoosh them together and have just ONE device (and have it also be an MP3 player that I can listen to in my car). It was easier just to make NO decision, than to have to choose. So welcome to the life of a Libra!

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