Go Red for Women: Burlington Feb 9th

is the American Heart Association’s campaign to raise awareness of the fact that women get heart disease and heart attacks, too! We need to educate ourselves. A friend of my sister’s had clear signs of a heart attack in her early 40’s (along with a family history of both her father and grandfather dying from heart attacks in their 40’s and the fact that she was already on heart medicine), but the obvious warnings were ignored by her doctor because she was a women and women don’t get heart attacks. She called 911 when she was having her heart attack and they basically told her to take some indigestion medicine. She managed to get someone to take her to the hospital where doctor’s had to immediately perform open heart surgery on her, which saved her life. So, I’m definitely a big supporter of this campaign.

There will be a Go Red for Women luncheon in Burlington on Feb 9th. A dear friend is one of the local Chairs of this and I am sponsoring a table of 10.

You can learn more about the Burlington event here, if you’d like to participate or donate a silent auction item.

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