Hunter S. Thompson: “now this is a guy who should have left a note”

My dear friend and college roommate was highly impacted by Hunter S. Thompson’s work when we were in college — I believe even writing one of her two senior theses (she was a double major – my brilliant friend 🙂 ) on something that involved reading a lot of his work. She went on to do her post graduate work at Medill School of Journalism and is, of course, a journalist who I know will someday get a Pulitzer!

Of course I thought of her immediately this morning when I read that Thompson had killed himself. I thought that my friend’s reply was a nice tribute in her journalistic shorthand…

i can’t blv he did it. i always admired him and thought of him as an icon but only in last couple years  did i come to totally appreciate and read a lot of his stuff. i wanted to have a beer with him at woody creek tavern but i guess that won’t be happening…

proud highway is an awesome book i read last year…
now this is a guy who should have left a note.

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