Hurricanes, the Red Cross and .NET

A connection? Yes. Scott Lock, who runs the user group in the D.C. area is the man behind the American Red Cross’s e-commerce donation system. Everytime there is *bad* stuff going on, Scott is on-call 24×7 just in case – since they want to make sure that nothing gets in the way of people making donations. The current system will soon be replaced by a .net app by the way.

One thing I know these hurricanes are wiping out the ACR’s funds and they can always use more help. It’s quick and easy and painless.

When I hear of the DNC and RNC spending 100’s of millions of dollars on  adverstising, it makes me sick.

I think that a new law should be instituted that for every dollar spent on political adversting, one dollar should be put into a charity of the same locality. So if it’s a national campaign – give to a national charity, like the Red Cross. A state campaign? Give to that a state-wide charity in that state. A local campaign? Give to the local homeless shelter or the local library or SOMETHING.

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