More proof that my husband is trying to get rid of me

This past spring, I shared this photo of Rich up on a tall ladder washing our windows. That didn’t work. I didn’t have a heart attack and die. So he’s at it again. Now he is washing and staining the house. He was going to do the scary part while I was at PDC but that got put off by another attempt at giving me a heart attack. The day before leaving for l.a. we went hiking and he had a very bloody scary in the emergency room for 6 hours accident. Somehow he convinced me on monday that he was okay (and in much better hands than mine wiht our neighbor nurse taking care of him) and I did go to PDC. So, that attempt at getting rid of me didn’t work either. But he didn’t get to do this job while I was away. He’s doing it now though. And I can’t even look up at him. At least from a distance I can handle it.


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