Mother’s Day for the two mommy family

One of my favorite journalists (and bloggers) in Vermont is Seven Days writer, Cathy Resmer.Cathy is just cool and I love her take on the world. I meant to write about this a few weeks ago when she did a story on a hidden treasure on the Vermont/NY border that is drawn down the middle of Lake Champlain. A sculpture by Rodin! And not only is it by Rodin, but it is of Camille Claudel, one of France’s other best sculptors. I remember seeing a wonderful film about her back in my NYC days.

Recently, Cathy and her partner had a baby – her partner was the “bio-mom”. This may have created a conundrum at Mother’s day with two moms now on hand for Graham, but Cathy doesn’t see herself as a mom and they had it all worked out before Graham was born. She has a wonderful essay about this in last week’s issue with the highlight for me being when she felt “out-maternalized” by a new father. A great read, whatever your kid calls you.

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