My Alma Mater, Wells College, going co-ed after 136 years

Change is hard, but this is heart breaking. I know that the dynamics of being at a small all women’s college was one of the defining factors in becoming the person that I am now. There is an interesting article here about the evolution of many women’s colleges in central new york to co-ed institutions. Notable on that list is Cazenovia College as I grew up in Caz and remember the hullabaloo over their going co-ed.

Ahhh Wells. It is a very special place and in reality, I don’t think that the addition of male students is going to change that. When I lived in Dutchess County, I had the great example of Vassar College nearby. That went co-ed many years ago and remains a very very special place. The spirit of what is special about Wells College is quite embedded into every brick, every blade of grass on that campus and in the hearts of every alum. So I have great confidence that this won’t change.

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