Productive Procrastination

How about attempting to sort out and file away 8 months of bills, etc that have been piling up in my filing in-box?

It’s hard to tell by the picture, but there is a LOT of paper in these piles. On CSI, of course, you’d be able to zoom in on this image …

…and then “enhance” it, to make it perfectly legible and clear. Of course, you wouldn’t think of that unless Horatio Caine was standing over your shoulder, looking in the other direction, saying, “hmmmmmmmmmm, what I want you to do…. what I want you to do, is zoom in on that picture. Yes. Now enhance it.”. Then slide his head around to give you the snake eyed glare. God that makes us laugh… ever predictable.

If that total fantasy isn’t the fantasy that I think it is, I guess I’m pretty much screwed.

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3 thoughts on “Productive Procrastination

  1. My wife and I both love the image editing abilities on TV.Also, I think I recognize the second pile from the left.It looks a little like the guy from the police video who robbed the local gas station. 😉

  2. yes, and the image was actually extracted from the reflection of the driver’s sunglasses as seen through the rear view mirror of his car that was bouncing off the reflective glass of the bank… all using a 3d imaging processor…or something like that

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