Puppies, puppies and more puppies!

My parents breed Newfoundland dogs. This fall, 3 girls came into heat and they bred all three, just in case. Surprisingly, all three girls got pregnant and the latest x-rays counted a total of 26 puppies in their three big bellies.

You can see the girls, the fathers and lots of pictures of lots of gorgeous newfies on my parents’ website here: Blue Heaven Newfoundlands.

My mom called tonight to say that she was with Elsa (who has at least 10) camped out at a hotel near the vet so that there will be no problems. Rather than take chances, my mom  let’s the vet help (with all of the safety nets nearby) when there’s lots of puppies coming. So probably tomorrow for Elsa and another few weeks for Celeste and Bumper. Very exciting!

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