Rollo the Pirate says Happy Halloween

I pilfered this from my parent’s website, They are newfie breeders (mostly Landseers, like Rollo). Rollo is one of their puppies, now 8 years old, who is owned by a really neat lady who dances with her dogs competitively. Yes dances. She and Rollo were even on Nick at Nite and they compete in various “Freestyle” events. YOu can read more about that here. She dresses up her dogs for the dancing and also for pics like these – for Halloween, New Years and more. There’s a page filled with them on my parent’s site.

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2 thoughts on “Rollo the Pirate says Happy Halloween

  1. Is this the same lady who had BEN, the dancing Newf??? I was just at your folks’ website and noticed that BEN, the dancing Newf JUST PASSED! I didn’t know if there was any relation, other than the dogs being bred by your folks.

    I had one of your folks’ dogs (Ch. Blue Heaven’s Zeus of Mt. Bear) and consequently have an interest in their goings on…

  2. Yes, it is. Rollo is another of Laurel & Paul’s babies. We’re all very sad about Ben. I didn’t realize Zeus was gone. I’m so sorry. I just snuck a peek at the pictures I put on the site last spring. Definitely looks like his dad, Silky!

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