Sometimes even the old computers are a blessing

I have had an old Micron laptop hanging around for years that I can’t give away. Nobody wants it. It only has 40MB of RAM and it is not possible to increase it. Therefore you can’t put Windows XP on it.

However, today I am upgrading it from Win95 to Win98SE, putting IE6 SP1 and Office XP (extra license) to give to a family that lives up the road from my parents. Their house burned down to the ground on Thursday and they have nothing. Not even their toothbrushes.

My mom told the teenage boy in the family that helps my her and my dad with their dogs about the computer (and that it’s old and does not have the latest cool stuff on it) and he is beyond thrilled. It was certainly worth holding on to!!! So just remember that next time you look at that old hardware that you think is too dated to be of value to anyone.

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