Time for bed already?

We are getting into the really awful winter days when it is pitch black by 5pm. Since I work out of my house and do not have patterns of 8-5 or whatever to follow, this always takes adjusting. I tend to work until it gets dark and then think about dinner. In the summer, this makes for some unhappy campers in my house – hungry dogs, cats and husbands start whining around 8pm if I’m heads down (or worse yet, they decide to do the cooking – burritos are okay, but Kraft Mac & Cheese does not float my boat.). In the winter, I start thinking about dinner at 5 and have a difficult time sitting still in front of my computer and continuing to work. (So there’s always the blog to procrastinate with.) I have never been a “winter blues” type of person, but I do need to think about shifting my schedule so that I spend some time outdoors during the day while it’s light out.

I know that Don Kiely, who lives in Alaska and has much more drastic daylight patterns, tells me that folks up there really make the most of daylight. Play by day and work by night. Now if only I can get my clients to shift to that schedule too and not expect me to be here from 9-5 (or more like 7am – 11pm).

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