A few replies to questions about my Silverlight Annotation app

Pepole are leaving messages in the drawings of my Silverlight tests. One was interesting and doesn’t need to be repeated. 🙂  Two other asked:

1) Are you going to post the source?

Not yet.

2) What business purpose?

This is part of the reason I am not posting the source yet. 🙂 Second, what business purpose is YouTube or Facebook?


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3 thoughts on “A few replies to questions about my Silverlight Annotation app

  1. Facebook is now available to non-students as a means for social networking. I’ve started to notice many businesses start to take this approach.

  2. John. That was kind of my point. 🙂 There’s always a business purpose. It’s just that sometimes it may not be obvious to all.

  3. Hi Julie,very nice app. I have a questionf or you and will be grr8 if you can answer me in your free time.Can you post a sample silverlught app where you pull data from database table using linq->sql and display it in silverlight app.Something similar to you are doing in yoor silverink app.

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