Dinner with a non-geek tablet user

I had dinner (oh wait, ala Scoble, a lovely dinner, a memorable dinner…) with a friend who is the Dean of the Business School at University of Vermont. She now uses a Tablet PC exclusively and loves it. Although I wouldn’t call it “standardizing“ , she indicated that they are going to get a number of tablets in the near future. I was fascinated by this, of course.

I asked her WHY??? Why do you love using the tablet so much? Her response was that she is much more used to writing by hand than typing. An interesting slant for someone like me who types – who knows… 100 words a minute or something insane like that and can’t write for beans anymore with a pen or pencil. I asked her what software she would like to see for the tablet. She pointed to Word, Outlook and Excel, then to the Pen Input Panel. “What more do I need than this?”

This just makes me laugh! I sure hope the marketing people over in the Tablet area read this!

She also sent me home with one of the best loaves of homemade bread I have had in a long time (that she had made). A woman who definitely uses many sides of her brain.

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